The underdogs

What is something that you can never respect? I asked my sister this question that I came across on Quora.

Prostitutes came her reply.

I was shocked that someone as educated and smart as her could say something like this. She was adamant in her belief and even though she knew that most people had no choice or were even forced to do this kind of work she still wouldn’t respect them.

I attempted to prod her and know why she thinks like this and she reasoned that she thought that prostitution is like selling your dignity. When I pointed out to her that some women that no choice and some children were forced into it by pimps, she still refused to change her mind.

That got me thinking.

Is it so ingrained in our culture that sex is the only defining value of a women that by using it for monetary gain, we acknowledge them as less than?

Even though some of them are chained in a room and not allowed to escape ? My sister’s opinion was that there is always a way out even if you are locked in a room.

And therein lies the problem. The inability to understand people from a different background. Social class acts as a shield. Protecting you from showing you the harsh realities of the world. That is why we probably find politicians issuing statements like if you work hard you can reach anywhere even though it’s known that people from the lower classes face many disadvantages in life right from birth.

Prostitutes face a bad rap from every corner of the society. They have no support because just the act of selling your body is considered disgusting by many people. I say how is it any different from any other job? Why is sex given so much importance in today’s world?

A women’s dignity is defined by her purity and a man’s by his ability to be a casanova. It’s even encouraged. So my question is if women are not allowed to have sex and men are, then who is sleeping with all these men? That is where the prostitutes come in. They fulfill a void that no one talks about in society. For that alone they should be respected.

Quoting Cillian Murphy from the Dark Knight series,  “ we are all whores grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.”  This saying is more deep than it seems.

But my main worry is that if someone like my sister whom till today I considered  well- informed can think such thoughts, what hope is there for the rest of the world?

People should realize that as long as there is demand, there will be supply. The only way to help these women is by supporting them, educating them, not shunning them. As for the way to reduce their demand, that is a topic for another day.


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