Happiness: the elusive unicorn.

What does it mean to be happy?

According to dictionaries, it means to feel glad or delighted. It’s the feeling you get when you see your family after a long time or when you see the waiter bringing your food.

It’s such a pleasant feeling that people naturally ask why can’t you experience it all the time? Is it too hard to ask to be happy all the time?

Certainly being happy has health benefits like improved mood and increased productivity. The loss of happiness is also called depression. People in everyday life experience unhappiness which is different from depression. Depression is a constant state where everything in life seems difficult to do and you loose the will to live.

So you would think that people would strive to be happy all the time. And indeed everything we do in this world is for that purpose only.

Earning money to buy better things, sleeping with multiple people, or marrying. Even getting a job or a degree is equated with happiness.

But all these things are temporary and so are the feelings of happiness attached to it. Once we have what we want, we are again sad, looking for the next thing.

For me feelings of happiness come but sometimes. It’s rare and mostly ruined by over thinking stuff making me unhappy when I realise everything I do is futile.

Once after a particularly disappointing test, I noticed that while I was unhappy, the people who I considered less than, were actually happy. They were glad that the test was over rather than worry about the future affected by test scores.

Maybe that is the secret. To think less. That is why the intelligent people are seemingly less happy than others. They see something in the world that others cannot. Less thinking may be the key.

So I wondered then, is it possible to be happy and all the time?

Inside out, the movie brilliantly explains this concept. Joy the feeling thinks that people should be happy all the time. She thinks that Sadness the feeling that also lives along with her is not needed.

Only in the end of the movie does she realise that both feelings are needed. Without sadness, you cannot experience happiness or feel it’s importance.

Maybe my sad days have some function after all. They maybe there to remind me that it does get better.


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