Tis the season

Today is one of those days where I would like to sing Beyonce’s song “if I were a boy”.

Really being a girl is a pain sometimes. And why would I say that?

Tis the wedding season darling! Nothing makes you realise that you are a girl faster than the wedding season.

Disclaimer: I hate shopping for clothes (I can hear the gasps of disdain from other females who agree I’m a shame to their gender. My mother and sister included.)

My ordeal begins four months before the wedding.  Traipsing across town I try to keep up with my excited mother and sister who are determined that people never doubt my gender again.

Colours and materials are thrown at as at various shops while eager salesmen look to feed their family at our expense. The Indian mentality of ‘aur dikhao’ is fully seen here. No one does it better than two females determined to wear only the best (at may I add, a wedding that isn’t even theirs).

Trying out clothes is a funny thing. There is no faster way of becoming more self conscious of your body. The dresses that fit you, don’t suit you and those that don’t, make you regret eating that entire chocolate bar while you were binge watching on Netflix.

After many grunts and sighs, you finally find a dress that looks nice. Now when you come out of the dressing room you are subjected to judges aka your family, the salespeople and random strangers.

You think it’s over? No! After this you drag your tired and hungry self to buy matching jewelry. Here again this entire process repeats making you wonder why you aren’t a guy. 

Life is much easier that way. You show up it’s done. No plethora of clothes, jewelry or makeup thrown at you. Just showing up is enough.

My conspiracy theory is that all this choices are there to distract women from one main thing: education. The time I spent doing all this shit ( pardon the language) could’ve been spent in doing something useful.

But I digress.

 As a parting note, who says it’s a man’s world? Going by the sheer choice and the number of people who’s livelihood depends on women’s clothes, I can only sing another of Beyonce’s songs

Who run the world? Girls!!


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