A day of reckoning.

Bright light floods my eyes. My pupils constrict and I raise my arm trying to catch the light source. But suddenly a man’s head block the source. Before I can wonder what he is doing, he shoves his tool inside my mouth and stretches it wide open.

He probes inside me deeper and deeper and surprisingly I don’t do anything about it. I lay back and let him do what he likes. At the end he finishes, retracts his tool and whispers in my ear, it’s all over now. I lay back with relief, glad that it’s over.

Hold your horses people! And the dirty minded people in  the audience, stop smirking! 

I was at the dentist! Getting a root canal done. The shame that has befallen my family! My parents who have both been given the perfect specimen of pearly whites, choose to pass on the best to me. And what did i do? Spoil it rotten with sweets and chocolates and what not.

Nothing is more of a wake up call than your teeth falling apart. Going to the dentist is something I hate and even more so when I saw the bill.

My parents haven’t stopped giving me shameful looks since I returned from the dentist. They have never needed a root canal but sadly their daughter at the mere age of 21 does. 

After giving an apology that mostly consisted of the words teeth, brushing and sorry, I hope I don’t have another appointment with strange men digging inside me! 


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