Have you met someone you really really admired or respected and then after they said something, you couldn’t get past that?

I experienced that recently. It was quite a turnabout and I couldn’t see that person in any other way.

My obgy teacher was teaching us the basics about obstetrics. It was a fun lecture. He was hilarious and knew how to get our attention in class.

In the middle of the lecture, we were learning about a D and C operation ( it’s used for abortions) when he revealed to us that he works in a Christian missionary and as a general rule they turn away women who want abortions at the gate. He went so far as to tell that he doesn’t believe in doing that procedure and insisted that people should get married if they don’t want children out of wedlock. To his credit, he did say that he supported abortions in case of rape or life threatening cases.

That was it for me. His respect in my eyes took a nose dive and I couldn’t concentrate in the lecture anymore. Nobody around me was affected. I couldn’t understand it. This has never affected me before. Usually all those anti abortion people I see are those for whom I don’t have respect anyways so it never unnerved me.

But this was something out of the blue. This man was a fantastic teacher. I loved the way he explained concepts, an excellent doctor and very polite with patients.

I never realised how strong my stance as a pro choice person was before.

He did say he supported abortions in serious conditions but he still worked in a missionary hospital which didn’t allow him to do any abortions. So was he not fooling himself?  Those hospitals have been known to turn people away unless they are dying. 

In a country where people are uneducated about contraceptives and religious customs forbid them, it’s a boon for the mother. She can in secret have an abortion even though she is pressured by her husband and inlaws.

Refusing her such a service should be a crime. 

And that is why I hate mixing religion with health care services or science for that matter. Because science may change but religion always has to impose it’s laws on people. Many of these religion oriented hospitals have been known to daily force the teachings of their saviour on the patients while they admitted in the hospital.

 Otherwise why would there be any need to announce the religion of the hospital? If you want to pray, then go to a place of worship. Hospitals are not the place for that. Here hard science is taking place and healthcare should be given to all without any restrictions or religious sermons being delivered.

As for my teacher, I realised that what he did was his own choice. I could be angry at him or learn the good things from him and implement them in the future so that atleast I never turn anyone away in the future.


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