An alarm in the distance rings,

She wonders what the new day brings
Give up now! Her entire body groans, 

Undaunted, she shakes up her bones

Something is wrong, she feels it
Months and months now , she can’t push it off

Her body but an empty shell,
Continues working as if under a spell.

A darkness creeps in her heart,
Making her fall apart.

Trying to run is futile,

For as soon as she thinks she is happy, it catches up and makes her secluded.

One minute she’s laughing,

Next she is masking.

Searching for a place to hide,
The monster  again may catch up she’s petrified.

Buried six feet under the ground,

With each scream only ripping the darkness around.

Joy oh joy! Where are you,

Come back I need you.

It paved her a path, light shining the way,

Persistence alone helps her keep the darkness at bay.

For now, the shadow disappears,

So long, till we meet again she  says wiping her tears.

Continues living her routine among her peers.

She wishes the day comes soon when she is unfettered,
When she can finally laugh and live,

No need to look over her shoulder,

For that familiar friend who grows only bolder.

Fighting everyday is oh so tiring,
Give up! Her mind says, it’s much more easier,  less jarring.

Not today, not today she repeats as her feet fall on the street.

Vowing to fight as long as her heart beats.
Strong, undaunted and brave she stands up.

Till we meet again my foe, I will not let-up.


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